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Postive Behaviour Support

School-wide Positive Behaviour Support is a systems approach for establishing the social culture and behavioural supports needed for a school to be an effective environment for all students.  

The features of the SWPBS system is that it:

  1. has a prevention ‘mindset’
  2. clearly defines and teaches positive social interactions
  3. acknowledges positive behaviour
  4. arranges consistent consequences for problem behaviour
  5. on-going collection and use of data for decision making

Teachers are focused on modelling respectful and polite behaviour, offering praise genuinely and frequently for their students.  High, yet reasonable expectations are set for student behaviour in all facets of school life, in varied settings and situations.  Teachers are very mindful of the relationships they possess with their students, focussed on spending time to interact and listen with them.  Student success and achievement is always celebrated.

St Brigid's staff and students meet every Monday morning at 9:05am for 'Weekly Welcome'. Weekly Welcome is a wonderful way to begin our school week.  It fosters a positive environment at our school and provides a timely opportunity to teach behaviour expectations. Classes celebrate what they are doing well and set a goal in an area that they would like to further improve.  It is also an ideal opportunity to celebrate achievements made both in and out of school.


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