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Parish Information

Parish-Based Sacramental Progam

At St Brigid’s Catholic School, we provide continued support for the Parish Sacramental Program through a sound learning program in the class setting and celebration of the sacramental candidates within the school.

St Brigid’s Catholic School is one of three Catholic schools within the Burnie/Wynyard Catholic Parish.  Marist Regional College (Grade 7-12)  in Burnie is our only Catholic Secondary College.

It is our prayer is that St Brigid’s will continue to be a Catholic community of faith that encourages and nurtures the faith of the children.  The school motto, “Lord Teach Us” reminds us of our dependence on God and the importance of cultivating a culture of learning within the school. 

Parish and school work closer together to promote the mission of the Catholic Church.  In practice this means that the Parish Priest, Fr John Girdauskas, is involved with the school community through the school board, school masses and liturgies, the sacramental program, classroom and staffroom visits.  As well, a number of parishioners are involved in the life of the school as volunteers for many different activities.  The Archbishop’s Charter for Catholic Schools requires that all Catholic schools be “an integral part of the evangelising mission of the parish and the broader Catholic community.”  


If you wish to arrange a baptism please contact the Parish Office.  Preparation is essential.  Baptisms are normally celebrated during a Sunday mass.

Confirmation and First Communion (usually in Grade 3)

In our parish:  “Confirmation is celebrated before First Eucharist, normally in the same ceremony i.e. at the regular Sunday Mass.  Preparation is parish-based in the midst of the faith community, which has the privilege and responsibility of initiating new members and handing on the faith to the next generation”.

Reconciliation (usually in Grade 3)

Preparation for the first rite of Reconciliation will occur during Grade 3. 

Historical Context

Pastoral oversight for the parish rests with the Marist Fathers.  They first came to Tasmania in 1956 when they took up responsibility for the Burnie Parish.  A few years later Marist College (for boys only) began in 1959.  This combined with Stella Maris Regional Girls College in 1972 to form Marist Regional College.  In 2005 the Burnie and Wynyard parishes combined to form the new Burnie/Wynyard Parish.  

Sunday Mass times in the parish:

Vigil 6 pm Saturday St Brigid’s Church Wynyard

8 am Sunday Sacred Heart Church Somerset

10 am Sunday Star of the Sea Church Burnie

For further information, please contact Father John Girdauskas or the St Brigid’s Catholic School, Religious Education Coordinator Mrs Janaya Plummer.

Father John Girdauskas

Parish Priest

Burnie-Wynyard Catholic Parish

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